matheus natan

SBF – board game

In 2023, I was a part of the design team for the SBF project, which was created in collaboration with Nexo. Our primary objective was to design an immersive and captivating gaming experience that would keep the SBF trainees engrossed in a visually stunning and dynamic universe.

We produced an array of illustrations inspired by SBF’s primary visual concept, which represented the game’s entire universe. Furthermore, we created an interactive board, cards, and slide presentations to present the game effectively.

Board for the game

My responsibility involved ensuring that everyone was aligned with the project’s core objective, and that we delivered all our tasks on time and with maximum efficiency. I collaborated closely with the other members of the team to guarantee that all illustrations were integrated seamlessly into the game and the project schedule.

This project presented a great opportunity for both myself and the team to learn and develop new skills in game design and illustration while pushing our creative boundaries.