matheus natan

Ambev Aurora — board game illustration

Throughout 2023, I had the privilege of leading the design of Aurora project for Ambev, in partnership with Nexo. Our goal was to create an engaging and exciting gaming experience that would leave the Ambev leaders completely immersed in a visually rich and engaging universe.

To achieve this goal, we created a series of illustrations inspired by the key visual developed by Ambev, which represented the entire universe of the game. In addition, we developed an interactive board, cards, and slide presentations to showcase the game. We also created an animated game that allowed players to fully immerse themselves in the story we had created.

I was responsible to ensure that everyone was aligned with the project’s ultimate goal, and that all deliveries were made in a timely and efficient manner. I worked closely with the other members of the team to ensure that all illustrations were seamlessly integrated into the game and the schedule.

This project represented a great opportunity for growth and learning for myself and the entire team. We had the chance to explore our creative limits and develop new skills in game design and illustration.

This is the board. The aurora team developed the robot illustration.

Some slides developed.
Another illustration of a slide.